Tuesday, September 27, 2011

City Skyline Vintage Shoes

This is a repost from my other blog site. Original post date August 19, 2011.

Sometimes a shoe comes along (or came along, I should say, as these are vintage) that's so fabulous that it almost breaks your heart not to be able to wear them. These are a stellar example: the 1980s New York City skyline shoes. Very Awesome Sauce, as my cousin Mark D likes to say...

And yes, those are the Twin Towers along the side, next to the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty on the back of the heel. The Statue of Liberty looks to me like her raised arm is saying, "Hey y'all, c'mon over. We're throwing a fabulous New York party!".

I like that they are a little subtle from the front. At first glance you wouldn't really see the detail.

How would you ever wear these with pants?? You couldn't. They are too fantastic not to rock those details with a dress or skirt. Or maybe ankle jeans... 

Unfortunately, these are unlikely to ever grace my closet. But if you ever see a pair, in a size 10, er...holla.   :)

source: trendhunter.com

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  1. haha, I wore them on one of our episodes of our web series No Name, New York. Check it out on our site, www.nonamenewyork.com