Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or...

Typically I don't "dress for" Halloween. It's not my husband's favorite holiday, and I'm not a big costume wearer myself. But this year some friends threw a costume party, so we decided to play. And I do believe that if you're in, you're in ALL the way. So without further ado:

A far cry from my own personal style, but SO much fun! Any costume I indulge in pretty much HAS to involve a wig (or a hat), since my fine, straight hair just doesn't do much. And platinum blonde is a complete switch from my dark hair. The shoes (Doc Maartens) are the only part of the costume that are actually mine; before I was more of a girly girl I had a brief flirtation with grunge-ish-ness in the '90's.

The pants probably should be a bit tighter, but I've found that ready-to-order costumes tend to run small, so I sized up to be safe. And I had to add a long sleeved tee under the top because it was chilly this weekend!

I didn't have any black lipstick so I used an eyeliner pencil instead, which worked out pretty well. A fairly matte face and some (okay, a LOT) of dark eye makeup and I was mostly set. No black nail polish either, but two quick coats of Essie's Sole Mate (a super-dark purple-y red; think Chanel Vamp) was close enough.

But the even BETTER getup was Mr. B! Feast your eyes on this:

Oh, yeah. And the best thing about it was that - unlike me - he already owned most of these items, including that crazy coat! He had it before I met him. We are both children of the Eighties and my guy truly loved (and still does) his glam metal music (Poison and Motley Crue are top favorites). The leopard leggings and the red leg tie are the only two pieces we purchased specifically for his costume.

The most fun was putting makeup on him. (Remember, if you're in, you're ALL in!) a little black eyeliner, glitter shadow, and mascara, plus a dark lip liner (which unfortunately didn't last long) and he was ready to go. I tried to convince him to wear glitter nail polish too, but he drew the line there. And for someone who doesn't like the whole holiday, I figured he was being a good sport so I didn't push it. :)

A grand time was had by all and we spent much of Sunday recuperating. Tonight we'll have fun with the trick-or-treaters! I can't wait to see what the kids are wearing this year!

Monday, October 10, 2011

A Giraffe Unlike Any Other, Plus Snakes and Unicorns

This is a repost from my other site. Original post date  8/31/11.

I have a fondness for animal-themed items. And in my fantasy shoe world, these would have to get worn at least once a week! In optimal weather, of rain or mud for these lovelies:

these are from the Jak and Jill blog, and so awesome that I had to share them. The back ties, the rhinestoned legs, the glorious colors...I love seeing everyday things elevated to a work of art. By Louis Vuitton (surprise!).

My own animal-themed collection is small, but here it is (all jewelry pieces, of course):

Vintage Whiting and Davis mesh snake bracelet, circa 1950's:  

The piece that started it all. I've had this ring since my early twenties:

 Peacock ring:

 this is a better shot for the colored rhinestones:

Elephant ring. Not expensively made, but he is so cute and he's on elastic. I don't wear him often because I don't want the elastic to break, but he's good fun. :)

 it's hard to tell, but his ears as well as his eyes have rhinestones:

overexposed shot to show detail:

and finally, my zebra ring. I suspect he won't wear overly well either, as his blackening disappears a little bit with every wearing. But I could not resist him.

I hope to add more animal themed items over time. And just maybe, a pair of fanciful critter shoes!   :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

City Skyline Vintage Shoes

This is a repost from my other blog site. Original post date August 19, 2011.

Sometimes a shoe comes along (or came along, I should say, as these are vintage) that's so fabulous that it almost breaks your heart not to be able to wear them. These are a stellar example: the 1980s New York City skyline shoes. Very Awesome Sauce, as my cousin Mark D likes to say...

And yes, those are the Twin Towers along the side, next to the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty on the back of the heel. The Statue of Liberty looks to me like her raised arm is saying, "Hey y'all, c'mon over. We're throwing a fabulous New York party!".

I like that they are a little subtle from the front. At first glance you wouldn't really see the detail.

How would you ever wear these with pants?? You couldn't. They are too fantastic not to rock those details with a dress or skirt. Or maybe ankle jeans... 

Unfortunately, these are unlikely to ever grace my closet. But if you ever see a pair, in a size 10, er...holla.   :)


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh, Stella!

Anyone know the iconic scene from A Streetcar Named Desire? Marlon Brando, oozing hotness, stands on the street at the bottom of a staircase and yells out "Stella!" "Hey, Stella!" at the top of his lungs. Stella (Vivien Leigh) slowly makes her way down the staircase to him. They embrace, and the rest is cinematic history.

Brando might not have shouted out to these pumps, but they definitely would have turned his head. The Behold the Badgley Mischka Stella:

Trust me - they are even more beautiful in person. The lace, the beaded details, the elegance - these *might* just end my search for black lace shoes. A semi-reasonable $225 at Zappos, Nordstrom, or Piperlime.

And if you don't like the "natural" color, they are also available in a peacock-tail blue, your standard black, or white (which would be perfect bridal shoes!).

My husband gave me a Nordstrom gift card for my birthday, and guess which ones I brought home??

Oh yeah. These are going to be a most excellent addition to my shoe wardrobe.  :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Ones That Got Away

This is a repost from my other site. Original post date 8/12/11.

Certain shoes just don't make it into my closet, either because I found out about them too late, when no more were left in my size, or they just don't fit my budget. The (mostly) unglamorous life of a jeweler with a home studio doesn't dictate $700 shoes. I know, poor moi. But I always love a good design and a classic glammy shoe, even if I don't get to wear it. So here are a few choices that I am unlikely to ever own:

Oscar de la Renta, $745 @Nordstrom. I have been searching for the perfect lace pointy-toe pump for years. And this is it...however. $800 for something I might, at best, be able to wear twice a year? I guess you know why I am still searching.  :)

 I cannot imagine the universe in which I would wear these. Especially in this color. It doesn't include walking around Roswell in them, that's for sure. Target run? Starbucks? Publix? Yeah, I'm just not seeing it. But they are like a work of art (though I do confess to not understanding the idea of an open toe ankle boot, not in the slightest). And this gorgeousness is on SALE:  $567, down from $1260. It's not really helping. Someone please buy them so I can live vicariously through you:  Alexander McQueen bootie

I saved this image as "crazy" because they kind of are. It seems to be a mix of diamante and patent leather, in a crazy cutout platform semi-boot style that laces up the front, yet still requires a zipper in the back to put it on. Huh? But somehow, it's kind of working for me. I think it's the shiny parts. I never really met a bit of bling I didn't like. From the Solestruck site, which claims as its motto " to rid the world of ugly shoes, one pair at a time" or some such  Let me just say, that I actually find a fair number of very ugly shoes there. But to each their own...they've almost redeemed themselves with this example of shoe porn.

Have a great weekend! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Too Much is Not Enough

This is a repost from my other blog. Original post date 8/5/11.

Since I am still recovering from jaw surgery, I am not making as much new jewelry right now. So I thought I would focus a little on my second -- I mean, third love (after Mr B and the jewelry): shoes. If I gave up jewelry designing for any reason, I'd probably want to design shoes. And since I don't design them, I do my best to participate in rampant comsumerism (*wink*) and collect them. My day job doesn't usually involve opportunities to put on some fancy heels, and when I'm at a festival, I'm on hot asphalt or grass for 10+ hours, so that doesn't work either. But I cherish any opportunity to indulge my collection. :)

Here's one of my favorite pairs:

Beverly Feldman embroidered beauties. In a classic pointy toe pump. So much fun! Usually I wear them with a classic LBD or a very simple outfit because these babies are always the star of any outing. I found them several years ago at a DSW for well under retail (usually $200+). And they are THE most comfortable pumps I own.

Beverly Feldman's motto is "Too much is not enough" and if you've seen some of her other shoes, that is certainly true. Not always, I think, in a good way, but these shoes, at least, walk the right side of that line.  :)

Detail shots:

and for those of you who wear a size 10, there is currently a pair available on eBay:  Feldman Shoes

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni for Target

Yesterday's work was interrupted by the launch of Missoni for Target. It kind of briefly took over my life...

The day began at 8:15 a.m. yesterday morning. It should have begun earlier, but my alarm failed and I woke up just before 8 a.m. - no time for shower, hair, makeup (hey, I remember what happened with the H&M / Stella McCartney launch!)  - and jumped in the car. I hoped I'd go to the local target, pick up what I wanted, and head home. Not exactly! As everyone now knows, what was supposed to be a six-week supply of inventory simply vanished in just a few hours. And I ended up on a road trip to nine (yes...nine) different Target stores to get the items on my list (and then some!).

Here's the haul. First, of course, the shoes!

The flats were totally necessary (right?). Though I would have preferred a different color combination, when you're not paying $500 or more for your shoes, I guess you don't get that many choices.  :)  And while the pumps are a bit undramatic, they're growing on me. I actually don't own a pair of basic black shoes and these might just fill a wardrobe gap. They're also quite comfortable. And the wellies - I've been meaning to get some for work (outdoor festivals can get very wet and muddy), so why not a Missoni pair?

Next up, the clothing:

Two hoodies. The first one is supposed to be loungewear, but I have no problem wearing it as regular outdoor clothing. It's velour and I think it's going to get a lot of use. The second one is like a heavy cotton knit and comes down to about mid-thigh. I can see this with skinny jeans or leggings easily. And the color combination is really different than anything else offered through the Target collaboration.

The first dress is a keeper. It's a little unstructured for my taste, but I belted it and it looks a lot better that way. I don't usually wear much black and white, but this dress is adorable. 

The second dress is going to be returned. I didn't try on anything yesterday, figuring it was better to "grab and go" than waste time in a dressing room. So I bought everything in two sizes and will return what doesn't work. And this dress doesn't work on me at all. C'est la vie.

Oh, this troublesome skirt! Of the three skirts offered, this was the only one I wanted. And at the first three stores I visited, there was only one left on the rack. An XL. Every time! I finally found a medium and snapped it up, but a medium is a bit on the big side for me. So I may have to stalk it on eBay for a smaller size, if it doesn't magically get returned to a Target near me. But it's absolutely a keeper and possibly my favorite piece of clothing from the entire collection.

Another item that just didn't work for me. Loved the feel of the knit but unfortunately it's going back. I'm just not really a button-up cardigan girl.

Next, intimates:

The bra, thong, and panty bottom (what is supposed to be a bikini bottom but it feels like underwear) are all gorgeous and comfortable. The romper I thought was a camisole, and I don't wear rompers, so it's going back. The robe is quite disappointing as well - a M/L is too big on me and it is one of the few items that really felt cheap to me. And the velour shorts just aren't quite cutting it. Considering that I'm keeping quite a few of yesterday's purchases, I won't miss them. 

I also got some boot socks and hosiery, but won't bore you with those photos. And one last clothing item for Mr. B:

It's not a great photo on the Target web site, but it's actually a pretty cool tie. 

On to home dec:

Love, love, love the candles! Soy based, in fun holders. I bought three of the zig zag and two of the abstract print.

There were more colorful frames available, but the offerings in this collection don't exactly match my home colors, so I went with a neutral frame. Hard to see in the photo but it's brown, black, tan, and gray. I don't like the asymmetry of having it stand vertically so will use it horizontally instead.  :)

The pillow is a great accent. And the likely going back. Because I really wanted THIS one:

but it was long gone at ALL the stores I visited. Another potential eBay stalking. I like the feel of the other throw, but it's just not going to work with our interior colors.

Fun storage crates. I never can organize enough (hello! I *am* a Virgo!) and these will be cheerful up on the shelves.

On to linens:

Love the towels. I bought two bath sheets but may not keep them...we really don't *need* any more. And since I've kind of blown this month's (and next month's) shopping budget, they may just have to go back.

I can't find the bedding on Target's site at all, so these pics are snagged from eBay. The first is the bedding that my ever-patient husband brought home from South Carolina. He happened to be working in a Target yesterday (which never happens) and spent a few minutes texting me phone snaps. I think these will be a great neutral for our master bedroom. Definite keeper.

These I am a little less sure of. I think they could work for the guest room, but I haven't quite committed.


We can never have enough coffee mugs in our home (even though I don't actually drink coffee). So, a little Missoni zigzag for the kitchen.

Another eBay photo - we also never seem to have enough drinking glasses. So I got eight of these plastic tumblers.

My husband and I enjoy entertaining, especially with apppetizers and small plate items. And we never have enough small serving bowls (you'd think we don't have enough of anything, eh?) . Ta-da! 4 pretty bowls for the table.

And now, what may be one of my absolute favorite items from the collection (and I *know* they are Mr. B's favorite):

Fantastic martini glasses! Love the subtle etching, the thick stems, and the heft of these is perfect. They're a little shorter than traditional martini glasses too. Very helpful when you're on the third round.  :)
Last but not least, accessories:

A great clutch:  right size, right color, right price.  :)

LOVE this. I've been needing a new tote for work, and this is perfect. Faux leather on the bottom, and it even has brass feet underneath. It'll be sturdy enough to handle being dragged around, sitting out in the weather, and all the hard knocks of festival life. Exactly what I've been looking for.  :)

The top bag probably will get returned. I liked the print, but it's not quite the right size for - well, anything, really. So it's not  likely to get much use.

The middle bag is a travel shower bag, with a hook for hanging up in the shower or on the towel bar of a hotel room. I already have one, but it's a little bulkier than this, and of course the colors here make me smile.

I have never treated myself to a cosmetic bag - it's always been some freebie or giveaway bag. I don't carry a lot of cosmetics with me, but usually need a little holdall to keep things together. So for $8, I now have a cute cosmetcics bag. 

In the course of shopping, I manged to freeze two credit cards. I suspect it was the "many large purchases in a short amount of time at Target" red flag. My cell phone died so I couldn't call to clear things up and I had to pull out my Amex eventually. Not a big deal as I knew a lot of things would get returned (I bought two sizes in each clothing item, since I didn't take the time to try on anything). 

Quite a run, and making it to nine stores in 5 hours was crazy! But worth it. Missoni is one of my favorite brands and I am glad to be adding their designs to my home and wardrobe. 
Oh, and one more thing. When the Target web site finally came back online today, I ordered this beauty:

Hopefully it fits! It's not available in stores, so I took my chances since I haven't seen it in person. But it may turn out to be spectacular.  :)