Monday, October 10, 2011

A Giraffe Unlike Any Other, Plus Snakes and Unicorns

This is a repost from my other site. Original post date  8/31/11.

I have a fondness for animal-themed items. And in my fantasy shoe world, these would have to get worn at least once a week! In optimal weather, of rain or mud for these lovelies:

these are from the Jak and Jill blog, and so awesome that I had to share them. The back ties, the rhinestoned legs, the glorious colors...I love seeing everyday things elevated to a work of art. By Louis Vuitton (surprise!).

My own animal-themed collection is small, but here it is (all jewelry pieces, of course):

Vintage Whiting and Davis mesh snake bracelet, circa 1950's:  

The piece that started it all. I've had this ring since my early twenties:

 Peacock ring:

 this is a better shot for the colored rhinestones:

Elephant ring. Not expensively made, but he is so cute and he's on elastic. I don't wear him often because I don't want the elastic to break, but he's good fun. :)

 it's hard to tell, but his ears as well as his eyes have rhinestones:

overexposed shot to show detail:

and finally, my zebra ring. I suspect he won't wear overly well either, as his blackening disappears a little bit with every wearing. But I could not resist him.

I hope to add more animal themed items over time. And just maybe, a pair of fanciful critter shoes!   :)

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