Friday, September 16, 2011

Too Much is Not Enough

This is a repost from my other blog. Original post date 8/5/11.

Since I am still recovering from jaw surgery, I am not making as much new jewelry right now. So I thought I would focus a little on my second -- I mean, third love (after Mr B and the jewelry): shoes. If I gave up jewelry designing for any reason, I'd probably want to design shoes. And since I don't design them, I do my best to participate in rampant comsumerism (*wink*) and collect them. My day job doesn't usually involve opportunities to put on some fancy heels, and when I'm at a festival, I'm on hot asphalt or grass for 10+ hours, so that doesn't work either. But I cherish any opportunity to indulge my collection. :)

Here's one of my favorite pairs:

Beverly Feldman embroidered beauties. In a classic pointy toe pump. So much fun! Usually I wear them with a classic LBD or a very simple outfit because these babies are always the star of any outing. I found them several years ago at a DSW for well under retail (usually $200+). And they are THE most comfortable pumps I own.

Beverly Feldman's motto is "Too much is not enough" and if you've seen some of her other shoes, that is certainly true. Not always, I think, in a good way, but these shoes, at least, walk the right side of that line.  :)

Detail shots:

and for those of you who wear a size 10, there is currently a pair available on eBay:  Feldman Shoes

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