Friday, June 28, 2013

Jewelry Favorites: Rings, Part 2

Just a few more rings today:

Green agate, $5. Yes, at a gem show. Totally different from my usual taste, yet I really like it. It feels very art-gallery-opening to me. Here it is on:

Hard to see in the photo, but there are tiny natural crystals sparkling in the center crevasse.  There's usually a little bling somewhere in my jewelry.  :)

This ring always gets comments. I *think* it's abalone (well, okay, I know it's abalone) but the top is domed and faceted and I don't know how the abalone gets under the dome. Glued to the inside of the ring and then the dome is set on top? Anyhoo, it has a really cool effect.

Everytime I wear it, someone asks about it. It's kind of moody and subtle-ly glam at the same time.  :)

A gorgeous turquoise:

Boulder (Royston) turquoise. I've written about boulder turquoise here and here on my other blog, if you want to know more about it. This was the first time I'd come across it, in Highlands, NC, at a store whose name I've forgotten...and I fell in love with it. I love how the simple setting really lets the stone stand out, and the shank is just as big and thick:

It's one of the most comfortable rings I own, and one I wear frequently.

Last but not least, my own design:

One of the fist stones I ever set. I'd been holding on to it for a while, and once I learned to set stones I knew it would be special. My father gave this turquoise to me and I wear it often and think of him. <3

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