Friday, November 9, 2012

Home Decor

Mea culpa. Long time. And all that other stuff. Life and work got in the way so the non-necessary blog had to wait.

But I took a wee bit of time off today, after dropping some jewelry to a local gallery, and managed to find (though not purchase...yet) some lovely home dec items that fit my aesthetic.

I *did* buy this:

which I've been wanting for a couple of years. For one reason or another, I just hadn't gotten around to it. Probably because it's for the guest bedroom, which is one of the last rooms that needs updating or help. But I was in the area today and found out it was on sale, so I grabbed it! Can't wait to see it installed!

I also found, at the same place, this:

 I've been looking for a coffee table for our living room for years and years. Pretty much since we moved in to the house. And I love wood...but the problem in the living room is that is has wood floors, a tongue-in-groove wood ceiling, and a rough-wood finish on one wall. That's a LOT of wood. So I had been hoping for a stone-topped coffee table. But when I found one, my husband wasn't with me. And after I'd talked to him about it, I went back and it was gone. And I haven't seen any others I like. I hate glass tops. They show every bit of dust and they always end up streaky when I try to clean them. So...I'm back to wood. This one has the rustic / modern feel I like and it's reclaimed wood, too, which makes me even happier. It may end up coming home this weekend...

Also this:

I am thinking of this for the living room as well. Currently we have a few modern-ish dark wood lamps, but one is broken and I'd like to mix in some more metal in that room. The nice thing about this lamp is you can mix and match the base with a variety of shades. So I'd just need to pick out a shade and voila!
All the photos are from World Market, which I knew as Cost Plus for years and years. I remember shopping there with my mother when I was young. I love that store. Not everything is great but you can really find some special pieces if you try. I love to buy old furniture but sometimes I just can't get to the markets in Georgia, working as many weekends as I do, and even then...I don't want to buy interim pieces. I'd rather wait for the perfect item. And sometimes the perfect item, in vintage form, is very hard to come by. 
Oh yeah - almost forgot - I found these too. I really do NOT need any more candleholders but I couldn't resist. And they'll totally fit the vibe I have in mind for the guest room.  :)
It's the little guy in the center that I bought. I wanted some tea light holders to put on the windowsill. 
For the closet doors in the guest room. It's coming least in tiny details. I'll get around to the other stuff at some point.  :)

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