Friday, May 4, 2012

Derby Day

Despite having lived in the Southeast for nearly a decade, I've never been to a Kentucky Derby party....however, tomorrow I am attending one. Of course this calls for the appropriate outfit! Though it is not only a Derby Party, but a Cinco de Mayo party, and a birthday party all rolled into one. Our hosts are a tad ambitious, no?  :)

So I thought about wearing this:

but it seemed at bit loud. I had two other options:

A sweet sundress (the sash makes a bow in the back, which is what you see sticking out over my behind) but it seemed a bit casual. So here's my third option:

I bought this dress in Paris a few years ago, and it's been worth every penny. I have a DVF that doesn't even fit so well! The secret is in the details - a little button here, an extra loop there - that make it wrap and drape perfectly.  Vive la France!

Normally I would have worn something like these Nine West:

But the party is actually taking place at a stables. And somehow I don't think delicate suede, spiky heels, and stablegrounds will play nicely together. So I'm opting for a more practical shoe:

These are eons old but still going strong and exceptionally comfortable. Besides, all the drama of the Derby outfit is in the HAT, right?? And here it is!

Forgive the just-out-of-shower hair. But how much FUN is this?! I can't wait to wear it tomorrow! 

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