Thursday, January 5, 2012


Just a brief post about things that I'm enjoying right now.  :)

A gorgeous red rose in a cracked glass holder. Sent two weeks ago (as part of a larger bouquet)  from one of my best friends and STILL thriving. Which is practically impossible in our chilly house in the middle of winter. I smile every time I pass by it in the living room.

Slightly blurry shot of NYE silver crackle nail polish (since removed, because I can only stand to have my nails done for like, two days). One of my other friends applied this just outside the restaurant - I had forgotten to do my nails, so we went to a CVS and bought this, sat down at tables outside a restaurant and she painted my nails. Then one of our other friends showed up and she painted her nails. Never underestimate the value of an impromptu manicure!

And while I'm on the subject of hands and hand-related things:

This ring was a gift from one of my best friends (the down-n-dirty manicurist referenced above). She makes jewelry and I fell in love with this...and it showed up on Christmas day.  Two glorious pieces of chrysoprase and her own metal work.

And last but by far not least, one of my Christmas gifts from my husband. Purchased from another jewelry artist at the Tempe Arts Festival in early December. It was the stone that sold me - such gorgeous color! And green is something I wear often, so this and the ring above will get a lot of outings. Plus, though I didn't know it at the time, this ring is a great counterpart to these:

They'll be gorgeous with white pants, chocolate brown, black (of course)...I love rich colors!  :)

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